Saturday, October 29, 2005

Jared's nose and upper lip

he dives with Captain John to the bottom of Crystal cove, hannah and I cruised on top Posted by Picasa

Hannah' hair

hannah tries out scuba,
dada tries out the camera - we both are all wet! Posted by Picasa

the most beautiful flower in my garden

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one of the few cloudy days we had

 Posted by Picasa

dreaming of a south pacific voyage

 Posted by Picasa

our terrific host takes us to see a beautiful ship

Hannah and Jared get a ride to see the schooner Posted by Picasa

if you ignore this sign

quite a washout after a big storm.
we missed all the excitement, when we did the wet side of the big Island it was the first dry days in two weeks. God is good all the time. Posted by Picasa

we ate well at the Lava rock cafe

camping the easy way! after a five hour hike we dropped in for local fare. look at the hair on my boy, Jared! Posted by Picasa

everywhere I go people cluck at me

or are they aliens from another planet? Posted by Picasa

Snow falling on cinders! 13,000 ft

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fumes from the volcano - an earth Fart

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Mauna Loa means "big lump"

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another day

another perfect sunset
we drove a lot this day but timed the sunset right and bought some yummy coffee in Kona.
Then we went to do battle with the hippies in the campground, a scourge on a beautiful place. Posted by Picasa

checking it out

getting under the lava's skin - walking in a cooled off lava tube. Posted by Picasa

every body out!

this is the end of the road. It stops where the lava begins. we love the humor of this place, building on a volcano!! Posted by Picasa

Lord please help me...

to be more like this creature. Help me to be free from the cares of this world, floating on the breeze of your love and power. Help me to be beautiful by reflecting the light that is you. Even though I am fragile fill me with your strength, your love, your power to fly, to get above the trees and see the forest. As I move through this troubled and sometimes dark world let me be a ray of light pointing to you, and if they refuse to see you give me a five cell steel flashlight with which to lovingly crush their empty skulls. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 28, 2005

Slimy our pet eel

This gyu was so cool. Posted by Picasa

our last day in Hawaii, happy -sad of course

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Dad always smiles when driving someone else's car - in this case- going to a fabulous play/ musical in San Diego, with Hannah. Posted by Picasa

check out that guys butt, cute!!! Posted by Picasa

squaws were allowed to walk alongside the warriors Posted by Picasa

there is a hawks head on this man's rear end! Posted by Picasa

thats a lot of dead birds this guy carries on his back.  Posted by Picasa

of course you have to have your nails done! Posted by Picasa

all dressed up for a night at the theater - amazing music - a stirring story Posted by Picasa